How KERBY came about

KERBY™ was designed by Alan Peacock, created to counter the massive bump many residents of the Selwyn District face every night and morning as they move between their driveway and the road, across the harsh semi-mountable kerbs that are prevalent throughout the district.

Not only is there a sudden bump, but a number of Kerby buyers have reported vehicle damage including front shocks and wheel alignment issues.

Basically Kerby bolts down to give a neat strong and clean looking solution to reduce the Bump. Alternatively, and if you don’t want too many bolt holes, you could use a mechanical fixing each end then glue Kerby down, as we did, with a bonding agent.

Kerby goes further than that as two lengths will form a judder bar, while two lengths welded to aluminium strip with a 50mm gap between will form a vehicle crossing with a gap that power cords can slot into in a factory situation.

We’ve tested Kerby by running over it with a 14 tonne truck with no damage, and being a private aluminium extrusion of our own design we can also have it powder coated for enhanced visibility should you wish. Double Yellow lines of Kerby at STOP signs could potentially save many lives, or it can be used on long driveways and private lane ways to reduce speeds.

Kerby now comes in both 3m and 4m lengths and is designed for DIY installation. Short lengths of Kerby also make fantastic chocks for caravan and boat trailer.

Long story short, XDC LIMITED, being a professional local design and marketing firm saw the value in helping out local residents and is now the official retail outlet ( online shop ) and official ( high quality ) installer.

If you see the KERBY™ car around, give KERBY™ Clint a toot and he’ll stop and chat or txt 021 1144014 and he’ll come around for a site visit an measure your place up for a free quote!