FLAT FIXED Garage Door Ramps

FLAT FIXED Garage Door Ramps

The Best FLAT Garage Door Ramps that’s super-strong, QUIET, simple & effective

Meet Clint's Ramps, The Best Garage Door Flat Ramp that's the best looking Aluminium Access Ramp around that is suitable for almost all situations designed to stop the annoying bump and you bouncing over the concrete cut-out of your garage or shed entrance!

What are Clint's FLAT FIXED Garage Door Ramps good for?

The BEST FLAT FIXED Garage Door Driveway Ramps

The Best FLAT FIXED Garage Door Ramps are custom made for your Garage Entrance situation – to Banish that Bump and stop you bouncing over the garage door lip.

When you say you have ‘had enough’ of that b@$stard “bump” every time you go in or out of our garage – we are here to help.

If you hit the lip hard enough it destroys your wheel alignment, therefor making your car steer badly and your tyres wear out faster. I used to spend heaps on wheel alignments and new tyres. “Enough!” I said, let’s design the best Aluminium FLAT FIXED Garage Door Ramps we can imagine, so we did – it’s better than awesome I reckon!

“Whatever the application: FLAT FIXED Garage Door Ramps, access ramps, entry ramps, garage door ramps, festival parking access over a full-height curb, driveway entrance ramps for your garage or even wheelchair access. We design custom made access ramps for your caravan or motorhome too!”.

Car/Vehicle Flat ramps for the entrance to the Garage, mounted on the concrete floor, fixed to the concrete garage lip and to the driveway in front Banishes That Bump!

Made from 6mm Aluminium Chequered Plate – Indestructible – Great for workshops for small car access!

Have a cut-out or dip in the garage entrance door floor that your car bumps over when you drive straight in? Annoyed of your garage door dip and want a nice fast QUIET smooth entry? This is for you.

You can even etch prime them and paint them any colour! Me personally, I can powder coat them any colour for you, just let me know. It’s an extra $100, just let me know as it takes an extra week.

Your FLAT FIXED Garage Door Ramps can be fixed in place by way of Dynabolts of Concrete Screws (we supply these for you as 316 Stainless Steel M10x50’s). The ramps come with pre-drilled holes and all these fittings. I even have a nylon hole cover to make it look sexy. I can install it for you in this price. Canterbury only.

Want to banish your garage door driveway bump?