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Portable Custom Access Ramps

The Best Garage Door Flat Portable Ramp that’s super-strong, QUIET, simple & effective

Meet Clint's Ramps, The Best Garage Door Portable Flat Ramp that's the best looking Aluminium Flat Ramp around that is suitable for almost all situations – even workshops – designed to stop the annoying dip in the concrete before your garage entrance!

Custom Access Ramps – Home of the BEST Driveway Flat Portable Ramps – Clint's Ramps

Clint's Custom Access Ramps are The BEST PORTABLE Garage Door FLAT Driveway Ramps in NZ

The Best PORTABLE CUSTOM ACCESS RAMPS for your Garage Entrance (Custom Access Ramps) are designed right here in Rolleston (Selwyn, Christchurch NZ), custom made for our situation – to Banish that Bump and stop you sinking or falling in that garage door drainage dip…

We had ‘had enough’ of that b@$stard “bump” every time we went in or out of our garage – if you hit the dip hard enough it kept destroying our wheel alignment each month, therefor making our car steer badly and our tyres wear out faster. I used to scrape the front of my car underneath. I used to spend heaps on wheel alignments and new tyres. “Enough!” I said, let’s design the best Aluminium PORTABLE CUSTOM ACCESS RAMPS (Garage Access Ramps) we can imagine, so we did – it’s better than awesome I reckon!

“Whatever the application for PORTABLE CUSTOM ACCESS RAMPS: entry ramps, garage ramps, curb or driveway ramps for your garage or even wheelchair access. We even use PORTABLE CUSTOM ACCESS RAMPS for caravan or motorhome access ramps – you name it, we design it, it works!”.

Our PORTABLE Custom Access Ramps are for spanning over drainage dips in front of the entrance to the Garage Door. Simply place over the dip on the concrete floor so your lowered car can drive straight in without scraping off the bottom off your car – Banishing That Bump! The portable flat ramp you see here raised access by an overall 65mm!

This is for x2 x 1m FLAT ramps (can be customised bigger or to any size). This is unique to the market and just brand new. No one else is doing this.

NB: All entrances are different so we can custom fit just for you if needed. A 4m or Single Garage entrance will be x2 or pair of 1m ramps, (cut to size is an additional cost).

Have a cut-out or dip in front of your garage entrance door that your car scrapes in when you drive straight in? Want a nice fast and QUIET smooth entry? This is for you.

You can even etch prime them and paint them any colour! Me personally, I can powder coat them any colour for you, just let me know. It’s an extra $100, just let me know as it takes an extra week.

They come with pre-cut hand holes.

Want to banish your driveway bump and get scrape-free safer, smoother access?

Car bottoming out or scraping? Need a quicker smoother, SAFER access, or simply just want to BANISH THAT B@$TARD BUMP?!

Meet Clint's Ramps – A Flat Portable, light-weight Solid Ramp for almost all vehicles

These heavy duty Aluminium driveway ramps, or garage door entry lip ramps or whatever you want to call them are designed to solve many problems, like BANISHING ’THE B@$STARD BUMP’ as you drive in and out, stopping banging noise, stopping you bouncing over the curb lip, and saving your expensive wheel alignment, in turn saving your tyres. The Best Portable Custom Access Ramps look and perform the best.

Why risk damaging your car every time you pull in or out of your driveway?

Stop bottoming out, scraping, bouncing & bumping over the garage door lip, and making banging noises when you drive in and out of your house. Stop that annoying bump and fill the gap between your driveway and the street access with a smooth easy speedy and safe entry and exit with The Best Portable Custom Access Ramps.

Please note we use 6mm Aluminium Chequered Plate for the top of the ramp for grip in the wet. This image to the left is the prototype that uses smooth Aluminium Plate underneath to reduce costs. They come with or without support braces, depending on your situation.

Want to eliminate that annoying bump in your driveway want to get over that annoying drain dip?

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PORTABLE Garage Door FLAT Ramps are the best way to stop your wheels going out of alignment and stopping the scraping of the car!

Meet Clint's Ramps – A Flat Portable, light-weight Solid Ramp for almost all vehicles

The Best Portable Custom Access Ramps are a super-strong Aluminium Ramp system that fixes the garage door lip area problem to enable a superior smoother, safer transition over the gutter dip. So no more bumping or car scraping – The Best Portable Custom Access Ramps Banishes that B@$TARD BUMP! – and no more grinding the front off your car off. In fact, you can get on and off the driveway faster, smoother, quieter and more safely with confidence. You’ll forget it’s even there!


The Best Portable Custom Access Ramps are far superior to any other bent flat Steel, rubber ramp or Aluminium tread-plate folded ramps that degrade or sag and bend easily quickly over time – they look good and keep performing. We’re all about good looks and first impressions right?


The Best Portable Custom Access Ramps solve many access problems and are in my opinion, are the best looking, most flexible and durable Aluminium Custom Access Ramps option on the market that I know of. You can pick them up easily with the handle-holes and store them out-of-site for when you need them. Contact here Click here…

What's the cost of The Best Garage Door Driveway Portable Flat Ramp?

The Best PORTABLE Garage Door FLAT Ramp Pricing

The Best Garage Door Driveway Flat Portable Ramps, FLAT-KERBY™ comes in 1m standard lengths and we can mix and match and cut to size multiple combinations to suit your driveway.

INSTALLED” – We do it all for you.

We just need to know your physical address and email address for the quote and the total width of the driveway/access point, plus a configuration of Mini-KERBY™ length(s) that may be required etc, see our quote/order form here.

Length  Configuration Price
1m 2x 1.0m lengths (2 Holes each Flat Ramp) $1,300

With PORTABLE (Flat Custom Access Ramps) you will need to clean the concrete area before you lay them down – to be free from leaves, stones, dust and debris – to stop the ramp creeping or moving. We can also add a right angled ‘Claw’ at the garage door end designed to go in the concrete cut to stop the ramp moving (depending on your situation).

Length Detail Price
Any length or lengths up to 10m 1x Powder Coating Session $150+GST


We can supply FLAT-KERBY™ New Zealand Wide, even Australia!

NB: Freight costs are calculated on your actual address and subject to change, see our quote/order form here.

Clint’s Portable Custom Access Ramps are the Best Custom Access Ramps or Garage Door Flat Portable Driveway Ramps on the market that are super-strong, simple & effective at eliminating that annoying bump or scrape when driving over the dip of your access into your garage, shed, warehouse or barn. Feel safer when you eliminate the big scrape of the garage entrance dip!

PORTABLE Garage Door FLAT Ramp in action