Life’s been easier since I use Kerby

Posted: September 22, 2023Category:

Life’s been easier since I use Kerby

Meet KERBY™, The Best Driveway Ramp that’s the best looking Aluminium Fixed Ramp around that is suitable for almost all situations – even curves – designed to stop the annoying bump and you bouncing over the curb of your driveway when you drive in and out of your house! 


The Best Driveway Ramp (KERBY™) was designed right here in Rolleston (Selwyn, Christchurch NZ), custom made for our situation – to banish that bump and stop you bouncing over the curb / kerb – but we quickly found it has even more applications – all over NZ – even in Australia!

We had ‘had enough’ of that b@$stard “bump” every time we went in or out of our driveway which kept destroying our wheel alignment each month, therefor making our car steer badly and our tyres wear out faster. I used to spend heaps on wheel alignments and new tyres. “Enough!” we said, let’s design the best Aluminium Fixed Ramp Extrusion (Gutter Ramp Extrusion) we can imagine, so we did – it’s better than awesome I reckon!

“Whatever the application: access ramps, entry ramps, garage ramps, curb or driveway ramps for your garage or even wheelchair access. We even use KERBY™ for caravan or motorhome access ramps, plus they are great for trailer chocks – you name it, it works!”.

Get KERBY™ Clint around for a measure up today!