Best Driveway Entrance Ramp in NZ – KERBY™

Best Driveway Entrance Ramp

The Best Driveway Ramp that’s super-strong, simple & effective

Meet KERBY™, The Best Driveway Ramp that's the best looking Aluminium Fixed Ramp around that is suitable for almost all situations – even curves – designed to stop the annoying bump and you bouncing over the kerb of your driveway!


About KERBY™ – The Best Driveway Ramp

The Best Driveway Entrance Ramp (KERBY™) was designed right here in Rolleston (Selwyn, Christchurch NZ), custom made for our situation – to banish that bump and stop you bouncing over the curb / kerb – but we quickly found it has even more applications – all over NZ – even in Australia!

We had ‘had enough’ of that b@$stard “bump” every time we went in or out of our driveway which kept destroying our wheel alignment each month, therefor making our car steer badly and our tyres wear out faster. I used to spend heaps on wheel alignments and new tyres. “Enough!” we said, let’s design the best Aluminium Fixed Ramp Extrusion (Gutter Ramp Extrusion) we can imagine, so we did – it’s better than awesome I reckon!

“Whatever the application: Best Driveway Entrance Ramps, curb entry ramps, garage ramps, kerb or driveway ramps for your road side entrance to your garage or even wheelchair access. We even use KERBY™ for caravan or motorhome access ramps, plus they are great for trailer chocks – you name it, it works!”.

Car bottoming out or scraping, need quicker smoother, SAFER access, or simply just want to BANISH THAT B@$TARD BUMP?!

These heavy duty Aluminium extrusion driveway ramps, or gutter ramps, or curb ramps or kerb ramps or whatever you want to call them are designed to solve many problems, like BANISHING ’THE B@$STARD BUMP’ as you drive in and out, stopping trailer noise, stopping you bouncing over the curb, and saving your expensive wheel alignment, in turn saving your tyres. KERBY™ looks and performs the best and is far cheaper that flat metal ramps.

Why risk damaging your car every time you pull in or out of your driveway?

Stop bottoming out, scraping, bouncing & bumping over the curb, and making banging noises when you drive in and out of your house, especially with a trailer. Stop that annoying bump and fill the gap between your driveway and the street access with a smooth easy speedy and safe entry and exit with KERBY™ – the best driveway ramp is based in Rolleston Christchurch, NZ and can be installed locally at your place in a flash.

Want to eliminate that annoying bump in your driveway?

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KERBY™ The Best Driveway Ramp is the best way to stop your wheels going out of alignment!

The Best Driveway Ramp (KERBY™) is a super-strong Aluminium Fixed Ramp Extrusion system that fixes into the gutter area with 10mm sleeve anchors (Dynabolts), or sometimes concrete screws, to enable a superior smoother, safer transition over the curb/gutter. So no more bumping – KERBY BANISHES THAT B@$TARD BUMP! – and no more grinding the front off your car off, no more bouncing the trailer over the curb, and no more expensive wheel alignments all the time! In fact, you can get on and off the road faster, smoother, quieter and more safely with confidence. You’ll forget it’s even there!

The Best Driveway Ramp (KERBY™) is far superior to any other bent flat Steel, rubber ramp or Aluminium tread-plate folded ramps that degrade or sag and bend easily and quickly over time – they don’t look good and don’t keep performing. We’re all about good looks and first impressions right? KERBY™, The Best Driveway Ramps solves this problem and are in my opinion, are the best looking, most flexible and durable Aluminium Fixed Ramp Extrusion option on the market that I know of. KERBY™ is designed to take even the heaviest truck. KERBY™can be ordered in many different ways and lengths to best suit you and your situation. You can even use off-cuts as trailer or caravan chocks.

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What's the cost of The Best Driveway Ramp?

KERBY™ Pricing

The Best Driveway Ramp, KERBY™ comes in 4m standard lengths and we can mix and match and cut to size multiple items in many combinations to suit your driveway width. There are three styles you can order KERBY™ in… 

A “CLEAN” length or section has NO FIXING HOLES – For DIY’ers with all the special tools.
Professionally “PRE-DRILLED” with Fixing Holes – You can install these yourself but you’ll need all the special tools (see below).
INSTALLED” – We do it all for you.

We just need to know your physical address and email address for the quote and the total width of the driveway/access point, plus a configuration of KERBY™ length(s) that may be required etc, see our quote/order form here.

Length Detail Price
1m 1x 1m length $100+GST
1.5m 1x 1.5m length $150+GST
2m 1x 2m length $200+GST
3m 1x 3m length $300+GST
4m 1x 4m length $400+GST
4ma 1x 3m + 1x 1m lengths $450+GST
4mb 2x 2m lengths $450+GST
5m 1x 3m + 1x 2m lengths $500+GST
6ma 2x 3m lengths $600+GST
6mb 2x 2m + 2x 1m lengths for a slight curve $650+GST
6mc 4× 1.5m lengths for an acute curve $650+GST
7m 1× 3m + 1x 4m lengths $700+GST
8m 2x 4m lengths $800+GST
9m 3x 3m lengths $900+GST
10m 2x 4m + 1x 2m lengths $1,000+GST

With CLEAN LENGTHS can also be used for wheel chocks for your classic car in the garage to stop you backing back too much, your caravan, motorhome or trailer or even ramps for your garden shed etc.

Length  Configuration Price
1m 1x 1m length (2 Holes) $125+GST
1.5m 1x 1.5m length (2 Holes) $200+GST
2m 1x 2m length (3 Holes) $250+GST
3m 1x 3m length (4 Holes) $350+GST
4m 1x 4m length (5 Holes) $450+GST
4ma 1x 3m + 1x 1m lengths (6 Holes) $475+GST
4mb 2x 2m lengths (4 Holes) $500+GST
4.5m 1x 3m + 1x 1.5m lengths (6 Holes) $550+GST
5m 1x 3m + 1x 2m lengths (6 Holes) $600+GST
6ma 2x 3m lengths (8 Holes) $700+GST
6mb 2x 2m + 2x 1m lengths for a slight curve $750+GST
6mc 4x 1.5m lengths (8 Holes) $800+GST
7m 1x 3m + 1x 4m lengths (9 Holes) $800+GST
8m 2x 4m lengths (10 Holes) $900+GST
9m 3x 3m lengths (10 Holes) $1,050+GST
10m 2x 4m + 1x 2m lengths (10 Holes) $1,150+GST

With PRE-DRILLED (DIY) lengths you need a 20mm diameter long socket to fix the supplied Dynabolts in place through the top of KERBY™’s 20mm top hole, into the 10mm base holes; 10mm x 50mm Stainless Steel Dynabolts are supplied as additional extras (these fixings are normally $5+GST each, typically as per how many holes you have); and a 10mm concrete drill bit for drilling the holes in the gutter area concrete, after measuring up and marking the holes on the concrete in dry weather. You will need to clean the concrete area before you start – to be free from leaves, stones, dust and debris, and after you drill to install to get rid of the debris and dust.

NB: Stainless steel fixings (Dynabolts) are additional and will be supplied as per how many holes you have.

Length Detail Price
1m 1x 1m length (2 Holes) $150+GST
1.5m 1x 1.5m length (2 Holes) $225+GST
2m 1x 2m length (3 Holes) $275+GST
3m 1x 3m length (4 Holes) $400+GST
4m 1x 4m length (5 Holes) $525+GST
4ma 1x 3m + 1x 1m lengths (6 Holes) $625+GST
4mb 2x 2m lengths (6 Holes) $550+GST
4.5m 1x 3m + 1x 1.5m lengths (6 Holes) $625+GST
5m 1x 3m + 1x 2m lengths (6 Holes) $675+GST
6ma 2x 3m lengths (8 Holes) $800+GST
6mb 2x 2m + 2x 1m lengths for a slight curve (6 Holes) $850+GST
6mc 4× 1.5m lengths for an acute curve (6 Holes) $900+GST
7m 1x 3m + 1x 4m lengths (9 Holes) $950+GST
8m 2x 4m lengths (10 Holes) $1,000+GST
9m 2x 4m + 1x 1m lengths (12 Holes) $1,200+GST
10m 2x 4m + 1x 2m lengths (10 Holes) $1,275+GST

Full install means 1x site visit & all labour included.

Stainless Steel Sleeve-Anchors (Dynabolt fixings) and Nylon Dome Covers to suit are also included in the price.

Installation means drilling holes in the concrete, using special tools to fix down the Stainless Steel Dynabolts/Sleeve Anchors into the concrete (it is removable later by the way!), and finishing with special nylon dome hole covers to make it look sexy. So we deal with all the uneven concrete levels, the slight curves and irregularities that become apparent when we put a straight edge (the KERBY™) in place, and pack underneath with special wedges (unseen), to make it level and stable amongst doing all sorts of other things to make it long-lasting and hopefully perfect for you.

Currently “INSTALLATION” areas are mainly Christchurch and Selwyn Urban areas only, Waimakariri (including Pegasus) and neighbouring districts, Rural and the wider Canterbury area and neighbouring regions incur a call-out fee starting at $50+GST.

NB: Aluminium prices fluctuate, so please bear with us if the prices go up again (it is out of our control). Freight/shipping and custom or ‘tricky’ installation costs vary and are additional. All prices are +GST and are subject to change. 

Length Detail Price
Any length or lengths up to 10m 1x Powder Coating Session $150+GST


We can supply Kerby New Zealand Wide, even Australia!

Freight costs for up to 2.4mm, 10kg or less, length for Christchurch to North Island is around $50+GST.
Freight costs for one 2.5m-4.0m lengths, 12kg or less for Christchurch to North Island varies between $80-$140+GST*.

NB: Freight costs are calculated on your actual address and subject to change, see our quote/order form here.

KERBY. NZ is the Best Driveway Ramp that’s super-strong, simple & effective at eliminating that annoying bump when driving over the curb or your access in your driveway.

See what some of the many happy customers say about The Best Driveway Ramp…

Happy customers


“Don’t just take our word for it”…

KERBY™ – 12 Kestrel Street.

Thank you so much – super speedy install and it’s great! 😊

March 2023

KERBY™ – 7 Hauraki Rise

Most aesthicially pleasing.

Exactly what I needed. Bloody boil’, perfect, just right.

I am not scraping the front of my car anymore.

February 2023

KERBY™ – Driveway Crossing

I’d been looking for a suitable and practical driveway crossing installation to suit my wide curved driveway. I was pleasantly surprised to come across the “KERBY™” driveway ramp and made contact with the owner, Clint.

He came out and measured the number of sections required as well as determining what angles they needed to be cut, in order to fit smoothly across the width of the curved driveway. The installation was completed the following day without any issues.

I’m more than happy with the final result as there are now no nasty bumps when entering my driveway, but rather a smooth transition. I’d be more than happy to recommend Clint and his “KERBY™” ramps to anyone who asks.

January 2023

KERBY™ – Custom Instal

I checked the drive ramp.

Extremely nice work!

Thank you!

August 2022,
Custom Instal

KERBY™ – 724 Selwyn Road

Been testing it out this afternoon, great product, works well, very nicely installed, happy customer, thanks again Clint.

June 2022

KERBY™ – 28 Jean Archie Drive

Fantastic, better than expected. I’ll be happy to recommend Kerby to anyone who asks. Very well installed too I might add.

Thank you.

May 2022
Kerby in action